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Mediterranean resorts of France: Collioure – a place of inspiration for Picasso, Matisse, Dali

Mediterranean resorts of France: Collioure (fr. Collioure) Collioure is an old fishing town in France, which has long been famous for its anchovies. It is an ideal holiday destination for tourists who are tired of the mad rhythm of excursions and a large crowd of people. The population is onlyЧитать далее

The hosting of the Alpine skiing European Cup and the Alpine skiing World Cup final in Andorra will provoke an increase in property prices, says Josep Mandico, the mayor of Canillo

From 12th to 18th March Andorra will hold the Alpine skiing European Cup final (men and women), which will be attended by athletes from all European countries. During the lead up to the competition, the mayor of the administrative district of Canillo (where the competitions will be held), theЧитать далее

Skiing under the moon is a new experience that attracts more and more tourists, explains the commercial and marketing director of the Spanish ski resort Masella, Maite Marti i Pla

Masella is the second largest ski resort in Catalonia and the fourth in Spain. It is known as the nightskiing capital of the Pyrenees. Here you can take part in an exceptional experience on two days of the week – Thursday and Saturday. Maite Marti i Pla spoke to about the resort’sЧитать далее

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