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Financial planning. How to pay less taxes? Andorra: 2% profit tax, 4.5% VAT, 10% income tax

Andorra: how to pay less taxes or not to pay taxes at all 1. The taxation of individuals and residents – currently at 10% – is the lowest in Europe. If you have an income per household of no more than 24,000 euros per year, you do NOT pay income tax. Indirect taxes such as VAT are fixed at 4.5%. 2.Читать далее

How to start a business? Starting a business in Andorra with 2% profit tax

The following organizational and legal forms of private companies and firms are currently available for registration in Andorra: 1. Societat Limitada (S.L.)This is a private company with limited liability (LTD). This legal form of the enterprise is ideal for small businesses. Possible spheres –Читать далее

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