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After the completion of the Korean Grand Prix

After the completion of the Korean Grand Prix, the main intrigue of the current Formula 1 season is still who will take the second place in the individual standings of the pilots, since there is almost no doubt about getting Sebastian Vettel the fourth consecutive champion title.
The South Korean stage ended with another triumph of the Red Bull pilot Sebastian Vettel, who climbed the first step of the podium in the last four races. In a bitter struggle, the German pilot was ahead by 4.2 s. Finn Kimi Raikkonen from Lotus and 4.9 s. - partner Kimi Roman Grosjean. Nico Hulkenberg, representing the Sauber team, stopped a step away from the podium, and this result was the best for the German this season.
Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes, having shown the second time in qualification, finished fifth in the race, closed the first six of Ferrari Fernando Alonso, who, after the Korean Grand Prix, lost, in fact, the chances of winning the championship. Five races before the end of the championship, the Spanish pilot lagged behind Vettel in first place in the individual standings is 77 points. The pilots of the Russian Marussia team Jules Bianchi and Max Chilton performed quite well at the last stage.

The French pilot drove under the checkered flag on the 16th, and the British showed the 17th time on Swedish cars.
Korean Grand Prix Results:1. S. Vettel - Red Bull - 1.43: 13.701 s .;2. K. Raikkonen - Lotus - +4.224;3. R. Grosjean - Lotus - +4.927;4. N. Hulkenberg - Sauber - +24.114;5. L. Hamilton - Mercedes - +25.255;6. F. Alonso - Ferrari - +26.189;7. N. Rosberg - Mercedes - +26.69; s8. D. Button - McLaren - +32.262;9.F. Massa - Ferrari - +34.390;10. S. Perez - McLaren - +35.155;11. E. Gutierrez - Sauber - +35.990;12. V. Bottas - Williams - +47.049;13. P. Maldonado - Williams - +50.013;14. S. Peak - Caterham - +1: 03.578;15. G. van der Garde - Caterham - +1: 04.501;16. J. Bianchi - Marussia - +1: 07.970;17. M. Chilton - Marussia - +1: 12.898;18. Zh. Bring it back - Toro Rosso - +2 laps;19. D. Ricchiardo - Toro Rosso - +3;20. A. Sutil - Force India - +5.

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