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Daimler, having completely phased out Maybach production last year

Daimler, having completely phased out Maybach production last year, intends to keep the brand in its product line.
Autobild, citing its own sources in Daimler, claims that under the Maybach brand, Daimler will most likely produce either an extra-long modification of the Mercedes-Benz S-class sedan (extra-long wheelbase) or the luxurious S-class Pullman limousine.
Information about the two new versions of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class is currently extremely stingy. It is reported that the body length of the S-class extra-long wheelbase model will exceed 5,400 mm, and the length of the S-class Pullman will reach nearly 6,000 mm. The first version of the car will take on board up to four people, including the driver, while the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Pullman is planned to be equipped with three rows of seats, and passengers of the second and third rows will sit facing each other.
Recall that Daimler stopped production of luxury Maybach cars in August last year. The concern considered that Porsche cars are better to close the company than to incur financial losses, while continuing to maintain a brand with an uncertain future that cannot reach the expected level of sales."

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