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Soroca Fortress becomes the tourist symbol of Moldova in 2020.

Soroca Fortress becomes the tourist symbol of Moldova in 2020. This decision was made by the Federation for the Promotion of Tourism in Moldova on the basis of Internet voting of citizens.
According to the chairman of the federation, Alexander Filipsky, in the “I am a tourist in my own country” campaign, the fortress will head the list of the ten most attractive tourist destinations in Moldova.
“The city of Soroki should be the calling card of our country. Unfortunately, not only foreigners, but also many Moldovans did not visit this historical and cultural monument of Moldova. The campaign is designed to help our people to travel not only abroad, but also within the country, and travel agencies promote destinations within the country, ”he said. Soroca fortress was founded by Stefan cel Mare in 1499 and rebuilt in stone under Peter Rareche in the XVI century. The fortress was restored in 2015 as part of the cross-border heritage preservation project Medieval Treasures: Fortress Khotyn, Soroki, Suceava (Romania, Moldova, Ukraine), funded by the European Union. On Saturday evening, the lights of the Mir Castle went out for a very short time. The most beautiful castle of Belarus took part in the Earth Hour for the first time.

Also for the first time, the colonnade of the Academy of Sciences, Nesvizh Castle, Independence Avenue and Pobediteley were left without illumination. Traditionally joined the action and the National Library and the scientific researches of the European castles.
As a rule, Earth Hour runs on one of the last Saturdays of March. This annual international environmental initiative is symbolic and attracts the attention of mankind to the problem of climate change on Earth. And if Belarus participates in the action for the eighth time, the Mir Castle turns off its highlight for the first time.
At first, an idyllic picture with a lighted castle seems to come down from a postcard, after the lights of the tiled roofs go out, and after a few seconds the castle plunges into darkness. From 20.30 to 21.30 only the windows remain lit. The effect is so stunning that it seems as if the whole World has plunged into darkness — so much so that the illumination of the lock turns off.

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