According to the results of two rentals, the Russian duo scored 164.22 points - 66.21 for rhythmic dance and 98.01 for arbitrary.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Russia has developed a project that provides for the payment of scholarships to people 50 years and older, if they plan to study to find work.

The project is currently undergoing an independent anti-corruption review.

According to the project, three training schemes are proposed.

The first model is training from the employment service. The second is training in the direction of employers. The third option is training using the infrastructure of WorldSkills Russia.

As it is specified, in the first and third schemes, the organization’s expenses for training can be compensated by the budget, and “the scholarship is paid to unemployed citizens who are looking for work, who do not receive a scholarship for state pension provision”.

At the same time, by the end of 2024, it is planned to train more than 450 thousand people according to such schemes.

Earlier, the Ministry of Labor of Russia told under what conditions a person can achieve the appointment of an early pension in case of loss of work.


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