Medicine exists as long as humanity exists

The medicine

Medicine is a science that studies the health and illness of a person, defines the norms of these two conditions, and also looks for ways to maintain and strengthen health, cure the disease, and also prevent it from spreading.

History of medicine

Medicine exists as long as humanity exists. As soon as a person received one of those properties that distinguishes him from an animal - the ability to empathize - a desire arose to help the suffering loved one. Through observations, experiments with surrounding plants and objects, people accumulated an information base.

These useful knowledge and skills began to be transferred to the elected members of the tribe - this is how the priests appeared.
Having very limited data (compared to today), and a natural human desire to unravel the essence of phenomena, the priests explained the onset of diseases by the penetration of evil spirits into the patient's body. So, in the interweaving of myth and real knowledge, medicine was born.статья_где_отдохнуть/замки_каталонии_рибельес_all_andorra_политика/замки_каталонии_кардона_all_andorra_политика/замки_франции_оржей_на_озере_кампулейль_all/

With the advent of cities, priests went to temples, but people needed daily — close and affordable — help. This is how secular medicine arose, and in the villages and among the lower strata of society - that direction, which is now commonly called "folk medicine", namely, quackery.

Great achievements were achieved by physicians of developed ancient cultures - Ancient India and China, Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Roman Empire. Consistently taking over the accumulated information, doctors improved their skills, deepened knowledge, transferring experience in books.

Awesome facts:

Already in the 5th century BC Chinese doctors performed operations under general anesthesia, and the patient was successfully disinfected.
Plastic surgery was performed in ancient India: doctors could repair a damaged ear or nose.
In Ancient Egypt, craniotomy was performed.

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The Pyrenees (endonyms: els Pirineus or el Pirineu in Catalan, Pyrénées in French, Pirenèus in Occitan, Pireneu in Aragonese, Pirinioak in Basque, Pirineos in Spanish) are a set of ranges (forming one mountain range) located at the north of the Iberian Peninsula and crossing the entire length of the isthmus that unites the Peninsula to the rest of Europe.

They extend from the Mediterranean Sea (Cap de Creus) on the east, to the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay) on the west; to the south, there is the depression of the Ebro and to the north the one of the Garonne.

The Pyrenees occupy the northern part of Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre and Basque Country; the southern parts of the North Basque Country (France) and Occitania (Bearn, Gascunya, and Languedoc); the west and south parts of northern Catalonia (France); and the whole of Andorra. The border between France and Spain mostly follows the Pyrenees. The Basque Country and Catalonia are located respectively at the west and east end of the mountain range.

The range is about 425 km long and has a width that generally does not exceed 100 km, with a total area of 19,000 km². The five highest peaks in the mountain chain are the Aneto (3,404 m), the Pocets peak (3,375 m), the Monte Perdido (3,355 m) (cat. Mont Perdut), the Punta d’Astorg (3,355 m) and the Pic Maldito (3,350 m ).

Despite its unity as a massif, it is often convenient to divide the range into differentiated areas depending on the context. According to the slope: the northern or the southern slopes of the Pyrenees; to the territory, the Catalan, Occitan, Aragonese and Basque Pyrenees; or even region: Pirineu d’Aude, Pirineu de Girona, Pirineu de Navarra. On the other hand, it can be divided in terms of altitude: the Upper and Lower Pyrenees, the Pre-Pyrenees (the lowest mountain ranges around the massif itself), or more proportionally the eastern Pyrenees, the central Pyrenees and the western Pyrenees. Finally, it is divided into climate zones of the Atlantic Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Pyrenees.пиренейские-горы-fe4a814585fлучшие-автомобили-мира-с-жорди-виларо-bd193ba0dd68


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