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Safest countries in the world: Andorra

Safest countries in the world: Andorra

According to the World Bank’s report, Andorra ranks fifth in the world in terms of “political stability” and “no criminality” (index 1.32). To put this into context, neighboring Spain is in 31st place (index 0.01).

The crime rate in Andorra, including street crimes (pickpocketing, car theft, and disorderly conduct) are at almost zero. Andorra is on the list of the TOP 5 safest countries in the world.

Iceland, according to world criminal ratings, is on the top of the list of countries with the best security and total lack of criminal behaviour. At the same time, in 2016, Iceland was among the “top 10 non-visited countries in Europe”. According to 2016 statistics, the number of tourists visiting Iceland was just over a million. This rating was published by one of the largest online avia tickets sales platforms “Orbitz”. On the contrary, according to the World Bank, Andorra is the most visited country in the world for the number of tourists per capita. In 2016 the number of tourists in Andorra exceeded 8 million.

Andorra is a peaceful country that rarely appears in crime news reports. Primarily, this is due to Andorra’s small size, (the total area is only 468 sq.

km) alongside its’ borders with Spain – 63,7 km, and France – 56,6 km. The distance from the capital of Andorra la Vella to the border with France is about 20 km, and with Spain only around 7 km. Strict border controls are in place because Andorra is not a member of the European Union. So to commit a crime and to leave the territory of Andorra unseen is practically impossible.

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