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Best places to retire. Retirement in Andorra: 14 “PROS”

Best places to retire. Retirement in Andorra: 14 “PROS”

Andorra is an increasingly popular destination for tax residence purposes, especially in the case of people with “high added value”, such as ex-directors of large companies right after their retirement.

Why is this so?

Andorra is an attractive destination to reside, both due to its proximity to Spain and France, as well as for its standard of living, its natural environment and security, and recently, for its fiscal framework.

Article 18 of the OECD Model CDI (the Double Taxation Avoidance), which corresponds to Article 17 of those subscribed by Andorra, as could be the case of France and Spain, grant exclusive taxation powers to the State of residence to tax retirement pensions. This implies that if a new resident in Andorra receives a pension from the Spanish Social Security, they will only be taxed according to the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) of Andorra, without withholding taxes.

Why Andorra is a best place to retire:

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