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Recently Krasnodar artist Tatyana Ivanova visited the French castle in Mandelieu la Napol

Recently Krasnodar artist Tatyana Ivanova visited the French castle in Mandelieu la Napol. Tanya lived and worked in the medieval castle in an international company of artists. There she built a yacht, removed the forms from the city sculptures and gained strength to implement new projects.What is this magical place you have been to?
- I was in the residence of the La Napoule Art Foundation, it is located in a medieval castle on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, 7 kilometers from Cannes. During the arrival of artists there is pretty deserted. There are no tourists and noise, and you are completely left to yourself - you can not be distracted by anything. The town itself is very small - a couple of supermarkets, one bar and a beach about the size of Gelendzhik.
Twice a year, the foundation opens a set of art-residence for the spring and autumn seasons. Only 9 seats, and the competition - about 30 people per place. If you are selected, you are invited to live and work in this castle for a month. Artists lodge in a small cottage and determine in the studio, which are located in the castle. And the studios are distributed for a reason - the project organizers view the portfolio and distribute the studios depending on the specifics of the author’s work.

And what studios are there?
- For example, I had a studio in a separate tower. The artist from Nigeria, who is engaged in performance and dance, was given a huge hall. A girl who works with modern media has been provided with a specially equipped studio. And such an approach to working with artists is very important - it’s cool that your projects looked at, reflected, analyzed and, based on this, distributed workshops.
Does every race have a common task, a specific topic? Or do the artists themselves decide on what and how they will work?
- When we arrived there, all the artists began to fuss. We pestered the organizers with questions: “What should we focus on?”, “What is the theme of the race?”, “Will there be an exhibition at the end?”. In the end, we were told: “Relax. You have already passed the selection, so consider this month as a gift - here you can do anything. ” It was very unexpected and very nice.
This is not your first residence, is it?
- Yes, before that I was in Salzburg (Austria) and Spain.
Tell us in a few words what is a residence? Who would be interested and useful?
- The residence is a temporary platform for artists with its program and conditions. There are special residences for dancers, for musicians or actors, there are mixed ones. Sometimes residences offer only accommodation, there are those who pay the fare and help with visa processing. Some residences are organized by institutions and foundations, and some by private philanthropists. In general, these are specific places with comfortable working conditions, for the exchange of experience and collaborations.
How to get to the residence?
- There are sites where hundreds of open calls are often posted. It is necessary to create a portfolio and for each proposal to make a request. Usually you need to send a CV, portfolio, motivation letter and sometimes a description of the project that you want to do during the residence (staging a play, recording an album, installation, shooting a film - anything).
How works of artists are represented on the basis of the work in this French castle? Is this some kind of exhibition or something else?
- There is no exhibition, but there is an open day. Then the guests come to the castle - they walk around the workshops, get acquainted with the artists. In general, every artist can choose for himself any place in the yard - to be honest, from such freedom we were shocked at first, even fell into a stupor. In real life, the artist scrambles, works three jobs, fussing all the time, and then you and the studio, and accommodation, you can do what you want, and do not need to think where you need to get money to pay for an apartment.
What kind of artists gathered this time?
“There were seven artists from the USA, Nigeria, Spain, Italy, Russia, and Canada, and two writers from Romania and Boston. All artists were of different ages - I was the youngest participant, and the oldest was Lydia from America - she is 65 years old.
A very friendly and open team gathered. While the residence worked, we very closely communicated. For example, every day we had a long two-hour dinner, during which we held a portfolio review, discussed the art, the particular differences between our countries and all the stereotypes that are associated with these differences.

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