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La Seu D’Urgell, Spain Catalonia

La Seu D’Urgell. The heart of the Pyrenees

La Seu D’Urgell – a city located in the Catalan Pyrenees in Spain. The city is the capital of the Alt Urgell region, the center of the diocese of Urgel and the seat of the bishop of Urgell, one of Andorra’s co-owners. The population of the city, according to 2017, was 12,458 people.

The city is located at the confluence of two rivers: Segre and Valira.

The main tourist attractions and architecture.

1. Cathedral of Santa Maria (Catedral de Santa Maria). The Cathedral of Santa Maria, built in the XII century, is the most famous building of the city and the region. This is the only cathedral in this style, preserved in Catalonia. The Cathedral of Santa Maria is built in the Romanesque style and dates back to the XII century, is the fourth and last of a series of cathedrals that were built in la Seu D’Urgell between the V and XII centuries. Look here for more sights in La Seu D'Urgell

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