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Minich’s orientation towards the Lithuanian reconstruction of the castles is quite expressive

Minich’s orientation towards the Lithuanian reconstruction of the castles is quite expressive. At the same time, he allowed himself to retreat a little from the image proposed by his predecessors. And in this made a number of mistakes. As it follows, the Lithuanians had the opportunity to consult with specialists in fortification, and therefore they reconstructed many elements quite reliably and in accordance with the era, while at Minich they “swam”. For example, the placement of loopholes in the towers depends directly on the height of the floors, and on the Kolodezhnaya tower, they somehow began to live their private lives and stretched vertically. Lithuanians offered a typical pretzel, or teeth with narrow loopholes inside, while the Belarusian author clearly shows atypical narrow teeth. On the so-called City Tower, the rust in the frame of the passage and in the corners of the tower looks inappropriate, the number of loopholes immediately above the passage and parts of the plaster on the brick walls. However, this is minor. More interesting is the question of where the authors took the form and decor for the towers of their Novogrudok castles.

For example, at Tatarnikov and Minich (and, probably, Tkachev), a reference to the Mir Castle is expressively visible (I, frankly, doubt that this is the analogue that needs to be addressed).

But there are quite innovative forms, as in the Little Brahma among Lithuanians (Minich expanded this form also to Kostelnaya). And here I want to confess that I probably do not have enough knowledge, since I can’t even imagine where the authors of these reconstructions invented such forms the best Catalan castles.

But why ponder over the forms of the towers, when we generally do not know whether they were ever completed, and how many floors they had (besides perhaps Schitovki and Kostelnaya). It seems that at one time Tkachev decided to “complete” the towers and give them certain forms, and his followers perceived his message as a dogma from which one cannot deviate. Examples of methods for the reconstruction of Novogrudok Castle testify to the expressive inertia of the perception of the monument by people and even professionals who understand the hypothetical nature of any reconstruction.

From Shchitovka over the bridge one could get to the territory of the Small Castle, which served as an economic mound for the citadel. A similar system with a gate and a bridge, in my opinion, existed at Grodno. Not so long ago, an attempt to update the view of Novogrudsky Castle was made by Lithuanian colleagues:

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