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Gas will appear in the medieval castle of Vyborg in the Leningrad Region

Gas will appear in the medieval castle of Vyborg in the Leningrad Region. The pipeline will reach the fortress due to the gasification of the adjacent microdistrict.
The press service of the Vyborg district said that the installation of the “High Pressure Distribution Gas Pipeline” will provide the Petrovsky residential district with blue fuel - and these are 300 apartment buildings and about 500 individual houses, as well as a number of central regional hospitals, shopping centers and offices.
At the same time, the gas will provide the historical monument-museum. Until now, it was heated with electricity - boilers and simple "apartment" heaters. As the director of the museum complex Vladimir Tsoi emphasized, without gasification, it is impossible to proceed with the normal reconstruction of the monument. Moravian castles and their history Veveří in the vicinity of the Moravian capital Brno will also contribute to the celebration of the 700th anniversary of the birth of Charles IV. Here opens a large-scale exhibition called "The Lion and the Eagle". Why exactly? Very simple. The lion as a symbol of the Czech Republic and the eagle as a symbol of Moravia. Veveří Castle was the official residence of the Moravian Margraves.

Charles IV, among other things, was awarded the title of Moravian margrave. Charles IV himself was not often in Veveri, but his brother Jan Heinrich lived there constantly, who became famous as a very capable diplomat working for a powerful brother. The exhibition runs until September 30.

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