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A competition has been announced for the post of director of Belgorod-Dniester castle.

A competition has been announced for the post of director of Belgorod-Dniester castle. The requirements for candidates are not entirely simple. So, candidates should have a higher education and work experience as a manager. The future director should know the laws of Ukraine in the field of the protection of cultural heritage, as well as international legal acts ratified by Ukraine. An unusual condition is that the candidate must have a concept and plan for the development of the fortress.
Anyone who sees himself as the leader of the Akkerman fortress can bring an application and the necessary documents until March 17.
Accept documents in the Office of Culture, Nationalities, Religions and the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of the Odessa Regional State Administration at the address: 83, Kanatnaya.
First of all, the commission will decide on the admission of the candidate to the competition. Next will pass consideration candidates.
You can view the list of documents on the website of the Office under the heading News. An unusual Easter event will take place at the ruins of the Okhorzh castle - knight celebrations. A real jousting tournament, historical music, theatrical and puppet shows, sports fencing or hangman art, dance performances and much more await you.

On the spot, of course, there will be a real medieval market with various goodies and other goods. Family ticket includes 2 special coins of par value of 70 CZK each. They can be spent on the market or left as a keepsake.
The program of the event:
10:00 - grand opening (The exhibition : Most famous castles in Catalonia"
10:10 - historical music - Řešeto
10:45 - theater performance
11:25 - Historical music - Ella duet
11:50 - “About three knights, a beautiful lady and a linen shirt” - a fairy tale with fencing - Allgor
12:30 - historical music - Bakchus
13:00 - demonstration of sports fencing - USK Praha
13:30 - Swan Dance - Hannah Dancer
13:40 - “Little Animals and Rogues” - puppet theater
14:30 - historical music - Ella duet
14:45 - “Dance with Sabers” - Hannah dancer
15:00 - “Royal Knight Tournament” - Allgor
15:40 - historical music - Bakchus
16:00 - Theater Řešeto
16:35 - "Recruitment" - knight training for boys and girls
17:00 - historical music - Ella duet
17:15 - art of executioner
17:40 - historical music - Bakchus
18:00 - solemn closing

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