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Jose Mourinho bought a castle with a dragon

Jose Mourinho bought a castle with a dragon. The new Manager of Manchester United Jose Mourinho decided to buy a castle. He bought a property in North Wales, which is estimated at more than six million euros.The castle is situated in Denbighshire, which is only half an hour from Manchester. The castle includes a tower, a sculpture of a fire-breathing dragon, a cinema and a private pool. Himeji castle (Himeji city, Pref. Hyogo), an object from the list of world heritage of UNESCO, in 2015 visited 2867051 people, making this the most popular castle among the castles of Japan.
Until March last year, large-scale repair and restoration works were carried out in the castle located to the West of Osaka.
"Initially, we expected that in 2020 the Spanish castles will be visited by about 2 million people, but the result exceeded our expectations, — commented the mayor of Himeji Iwami Toshikatsu during a press conference on April 4, at which the preliminary results of counting visitors were announced — We plan to rationally take advantage of such a surge of interest in the castle."
Himeji castle is also known as the castle of The white Heron, which he received because of its white color. This year it should be recognized as the most popular among the 49 existing castles in the country — this rating is compiled annually.

The previous record of the castle fell on 1964, when it was visited by 1738477 people after a long restoration of the main tower, which lasted from 1956 to 1964, the new record of the castle exceeds the previous almost 1.13 million people, among whom 306358 visits accounted for foreign tourists, which is 3.68 times more than in 2014.
The Himeji city authorities contacted the municipalities of the five other major castle cities of the country, which announced their preliminary data. In 2015, Osaka castle was visited by 2337,000 people, followed by Shuri castle in Okinawa — 1875838, Nijo castle in Kyoto — 1776720, Kumamoto castle — 1775339 and Nagoya castle — 1737346.

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