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Europe best ski: Andorra

1. Andorra is one of the safest countries in the world for tourism and living.

2. Andorran resorts are included in the top 15 best ski resorts in the world.

3. Andorra’s ski resorts have the maximum percentage of ski lift systems per square meter in the world, with a capacity of about 160 thousand people per hour.

4. Andorra’s ski resorts contain 182 ski slopes (340 km) in total, as well as several other areas for wintersports and extreme activities. Thus, the area offers skiing for both beginners and for the more experienced.

5. Annually, on the slopes of Andorra, the most important international sporting ski events take place : the stages of the World and European Championships in alpine skiing and snowboarding, the World and European Cups in Alpine skiing, Total Fight Masters of Freestyle, the Freeride World Tour, the Cup “Flying kilometer”. According to experts, the Andorran slopes are one of the best in the world for such events.

6. Being the cheapest in Europe, Andorran resorts are one of the most popular too. This is not because of low quality services, but because it has the the lowest VAT in Europe (4.5%). That’s why prices for accommodation, ski equipment, restaurants, services and entertainment in Andorra are 15-20% lower than similar offers in the Alpine resorts.

The low rate of VAT makes Andorra a European shopping centre.

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