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The royal park of flowers Keukenhof in the Netherlands in 2020 is famous worldwide for tens of thousands of tulip

The royal park of flowers Keukenhof in the Netherlands is famous worldwide for tens of thousands of tulips, which in spring cover the entire surface of the park with a kind of tulip carpet. Park of Pruhonice, beloved by the people of Prague in the suburbs of the capital, decided this spring not to hit the face in the dirt, even compared to Keukenhof itself. From the end of April until May 15, an exciting spectacle awaits visitors, which will be provided by almost ten thousand blooming tulips of 116 varieties. In Český Krumlov, the reconstruction was completed and the Bird's Castle was opened to the public. This is a small building built in honor of the victory of the allied forces of Russia, Prussia and Austria over Napoleon in 1813 near Leipzig.
A successful commander of the allied forces was Marshal Karl Schwarzenberg, brother of the castle owners in Cesky Krumlov.
This explains why the “triumphal arch” in the form of the Bird's Castle was erected precisely in Krumlov. The property is located just a few minutes walk from Krumlov Castle.
For the first time in the recent history of the ancient Zholkovsky castle, it was possible to remove it from the emergency state. Director of the Historical Reserve Vladimir Gerich says that it was possible to renew the cultural sight thanks to the project “Support for the Treasure of the Borderland - Protection of Cultural Heritage”.

“We implemented six tasks for the restoration of Zholkowski castle: we covered the roofs, and this has been done for centuries, also restored the western tower, strengthened the kitchen complex and made a rough courtyard with engineering networks, and a visitor center for tourists,” said Gerich.
In addition, the eastern tower was restored in the castle, in which three exposition halls were opened. In the second hall, for visitors, they created the only museum in Ukraine - “The Ideal City”. That is what they call medieval Zhovkva, at the end of the 16th century rebuilt according to the concept of architects of the European Renaissance, in particular Leonardo da Vinci. Philosophy planning of such a city - the maximum convenience for residents.
“The central part of the exhibition is a model where you can see all the houses that were in Zholkva. We made this visual aid in accordance with the inventory records of the city of the mid-18th century, ”says Natalia, a reserve worker. Another exhibition is called the Hetman Hall. Here exhibited ancient portraits of five hetmans, who had to do with Zhovkva. In general, the restoration work spent 1 million 40 thousand euros. The project was financed by the European Union, a tenth of the funds were allocated by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
“This is really a great joy and surprise for me. When I came here two years ago, I didn’t even know what to take first to save the castle. Incredible work has been invested in the restoration, ”noted the project coordinator, a representative of the Polish side, Dorota Hilik.
Zholkovsky castle opened its gates to visitors on Tuesday, May 3.

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