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Hydrometeorological Center predicts warming in the European part of Russia in 2021

Hydrometeorological Center predicts warming in the European part of Russia in 2021

In the coming days, air temperature in the European part of Russia will increase by 5-8 degrees, according to the Hydrometeorological Center. According to him, the largest deviation from the norm is predicted in the north-eastern regions of the Russian Federation, in the Nenets Autonomous District and the Republic of Komi. There, instead of 30 degrees of frost, it will be within minus 10–15 ° С, in the afternoon - minus 3–8 ° С, thaw in places. The hydrometeorological center called the Atlantic cyclones the cause of the weather anomaly.
In the Leningrad, Pskov and Novgorod regions, as well as in Karelia at the weekend it will be about 0 ° С. In the Central region at night it will be from 0 ° C to minus 5 ° C, during the day from minus 4 ° C to 3 ° C. In the Volga region it will be minus 2–7 ° С, at night up to minus 15 ° С. In the Rostov and Volgograd regions it will be up to minus 12 °, in the afternoon from 0 to 5 ° С. In the Krasnodar Territory up to 15 ° С, on the Black Sea coast - up to 18 ° С. In the North Caucasus, 3–8 ° С. In Crimea, 2–7 ° С, in the afternoon 9–14 ° С. In St. Petersburg at night it is about 0 ° C, in the daytime up to 2 ° C.
Recall that in Moscow and the Moscow region there is a yellow level of weather danger due to wind.

In the capital, the warning is valid until the morning of December 15, in the region - until the morning of December 16. This weekend, the air temperature in the capital will be 1-3 ° C (in the region from -2 ° C to 3 ° C).

Olympic champion in figure skating Alina Zagitova remains in the Russian national team, said Alexander Gorshkov, TASS, president of the Russian Figure Skating Federation. According to him, the Federation respects her decision to suspend her sports career.
“The Russian Figure Skating Federation respects and understands the decision of the athlete and her coach. Alina remains in the Russian national team, ”said Alexander Gorshkov.
Alina Zagitova yesterday, December 13, announced the suspension of her sports career. She did not give specific reasons, but said that she had no zeal for speaking. She will not participate in the Russian championship in Krasnoyarsk.
Alina Zagitova became the Olympic champion in a personal tournament in 2018. She is also a silver medalist in team competitions. In 2019, she received the gold medal of the World Cup, and in 2018 - the European Championship. In the final at the Grand Prix in Turin, the athlete took sixth place and withdrew from demonstrations, citing an injury.

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