The decision to adopt a new procedure for medical examination of drivers will be made in February

The decision to adopt a new procedure for medical examination of drivers will be made in February. This was reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the chief freelance narcologist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Yevgeny Bryun.

I think that anyway he [the order] will be held in one or another part. The implementation is scheduled for July,

- noted Brun

The specialist noted that drivers will be examined for sure. However, how this will all go is still unknown.

In connection with the development of a new bill, drivers will need to donate blood and urine in addition to passing doctors and eye tests.

This innovation was supposed to enter into force on November 22, 2019. However, Putin called nonsense the increase in prices for a certificate from a drug dispensary for drivers, the cost of which was supposed to increase to almost five thousand rubles.!topic/all-andorra/aMnRDq7Rxk0форумы-калининградапрофиль-пользователя-virdin200сделано-у-нас-нам-есть-чем-гордитьсяпаспорт-anvird-еварудомашний-интернет-группы-компанийпросмотр-профиляпоследние-и-наиболее-важные-научные-достиженияпросмотр-профиля-abt100-форум-проекта-wowгеография-страны-басковпутевые-заметки-о-стране-басковфорумы-калининградапрофиль-пользователя-tymb200сделано-у-нас-нам-есть-чем-гордитьсяпаспорт-vicsar-еварудомашний-интернет-группы-компанийпросмотр-профилякапитолий-в-тулузетулузадостопримечательности-тулузыпро-город-тулузугде-отдохнутьтулузакаменные-шедевры-из-средневековьястрана-андорра!topic/all-andorra/tVYkfyw1lYY!topic/all-andorra/ChpAujzAyc0бильбао-c137e92c95a3тулуза-столица-лангедока-3035fe4ec942анна-котовапрофиль-пользователя-angoldersqс-битрикс-разработчикам-котова-аннапрофиль-пользователя-на-cossaruпрофиль-пользователя-angoldersqпросмотр-профиляфорум-об-интернет-маркетинге-просмотр-профиляанна-степнова-angoldersq8083-ask-me-anythingфорум-торги-официальный-сайтесть-чтобы-жить-или-жить-чтобы-есть-каролинаиллюстратор-angoldersqпросмотр-профиля-virdin100-форум-проекта-wowканал-дю-миди-длиной-240-км-оснащенный-сложнойистория-каркассонадень-открытых-дверей-в-порту-таррако-марина-вкуда-поехать-отдыхать-несколько-причин-зазамок-по-и-национальный-музей-входящий-в-числорен-ле-шато-город-в-окситании-который-хранитандорра-страна-среди-пиренейских-гор-nvkzкаркассон-и-его-достопримечательности/540491743211293/бильбао/540496439877490/курорты-биаррица/540492893211178/туризм-в-тулузе/540493753211092/!topic/all-andorra/rReM3ga_ua8виктор-боровков-супрамолекулярный-хирогенезисо-непонятных-приобретенияхандорра-маленькое-княжество-с-большимипросмотр-профиляуникальность-романской-архитектуры-независимыйстолица-андоррыандрей-тимбинпросмотр-темы-где-можно-комфортногде-отдохнуть-другом-государстве-комьюнити-theяндексколлекцииандорра-самые-комфортные-и-дешевые-курорты-вгорода-францииновостиинформация-о-городебиарриц

Bitdefender antivirus developer has discovered 17 Android applications that contribute to a very quick discharge of the smartphone’s battery. A complete list is published on the company's website.
In applications, among which there are both office utilities and games, experts have identified a specific algorithm that displays ads. So, in the first 48 hours after installation, the application displays banners in a moderate amount, but then there are more and more of them.

In addition, ads are displayed randomly, which is why Android’s built-in security tools could not calculate their display patterns and detect the source application.

As experts point out, although such programs are considered to be “potentially dangerous” and not malicious, their main function is precisely aggressive advertising, and not what the developer claims.

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The Pyrenees (endonyms: els Pirineus or el Pirineu in Catalan, Pyrénées in French, Pirenèus in Occitan, Pireneu in Aragonese, Pirinioak in Basque, Pirineos in Spanish) are a set of ranges (forming one mountain range) located at the north of the Iberian Peninsula and crossing the entire length of the isthmus that unites the Peninsula to the rest of Europe.

They extend from the Mediterranean Sea (Cap de Creus) on the east, to the Cantabrian Sea (Bay of Biscay) on the west; to the south, there is the depression of the Ebro and to the north the one of the Garonne.

The Pyrenees occupy the northern part of Catalonia, Aragon, Navarre and Basque Country; the southern parts of the North Basque Country (France) and Occitania (Bearn, Gascunya, and Languedoc); the west and south parts of northern Catalonia (France); and the whole of Andorra. The border between France and Spain mostly follows the Pyrenees. The Basque Country and Catalonia are located respectively at the west and east end of the mountain range.

The range is about 425 km long and has a width that generally does not exceed 100 km, with a total area of 19,000 km². The five highest peaks in the mountain chain are the Aneto (3,404 m), the Pocets peak (3,375 m), the Monte Perdido (3,355 m) (cat. Mont Perdut), the Punta d’Astorg (3,355 m) and the Pic Maldito (3,350 m ).

Despite its unity as a massif, it is often convenient to divide the range into differentiated areas depending on the context. According to the slope: the northern or the southern slopes of the Pyrenees; to the territory, the Catalan, Occitan, Aragonese and Basque Pyrenees; or even region: Pirineu d’Aude, Pirineu de Girona, Pirineu de Navarra. On the other hand, it can be divided in terms of altitude: the Upper and Lower Pyrenees, the Pre-Pyrenees (the lowest mountain ranges around the massif itself), or more proportionally the eastern Pyrenees, the central Pyrenees and the western Pyrenees. Finally, it is divided into climate zones of the Atlantic Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Pyrenees.пиренейские-горы-fe4a814585fлучшие-автомобили-мира-с-жорди-виларо-bd193ba0dd68


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