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Festival could be a good thing for Africa’s image

We think your festival could be a good thing for Africa’s image as some people still hold the stereotypes that traveling to this continent can be a bit dangerous and seeing a friendly music festival with an international crowd is obviously breaking this kind of stereotype.
Well, you know, people have a lot of fears and stereotypes. Some people are afraid and think it’s dangerous to go to London, Moscow or Barcelona. I don’t really care about it, I take it easy. I like Gambia, it’s a safe and friendly place, a small country with access to the Atlantic Ocean with an amazing amount of different fruits – I think you can find all the fruits that you can imagine there and also a lot of fish as well. I have a house in Gambia and go there regularly just for a holiday.
How did it happen that you have a house in Gambia? Is it connected somehow with your family roots?
I come from Guyana and in the black people’s community there was always a lot of talks about moving back to Africa in a spiritual, physical and cultural way. So, I just fulfilled this mission and bought a house in Gambia where I spend a lot of time now.


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