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September 16-17, 2019 in Staraya Ladoga in its main castle will be held historical and cultural festival

September 16-17, 2019 in Staraya Ladoga will be held historical and cultural festival "Staraya Ladoga — the first capital of Russia." The festival will open the veil of the mysterious Viking Age to the audience, introduce the life of Rusich, the Scandinavian Varangians and Finno-Ugric tribes that inhabited this territory hundreds of years ago and together created here the first multinational and multi-confessional state education — a strong Union of tribes, which gave rise to the Russian statehood.
Camping tents, shops of merchants, workshops of artisans, the heat of military competitions — this is the atmosphere through which history comes to life, and the events of antiquity become closer to the guests of the festival. Near the Ladoga fortress shopping streets will come to life, as in ancient times they will be filled with different people: fishermen will definitely offer dried fish, jewelers will give to try on jewelry made of silver and bronze, potters — to praise the dishes of their own production, needlewomen — woven colorful fabrics, and masters — children's swords and shields to the delight of small soldiers.
Special attention will be paid to military skills near the castles: on the training ground you can master the throwing of sulits, and at the lecture-demonstration to learn about the methods of possession of the sword, ax and spear.

There will be archery tournaments. Stories and scenes of "animated history", described in the tales and legends that will showcase a different side of the peaceful and military life. Battles involving the best warriors traditionally gather around the lists of curious crowds. Guests of the festival will witness military victories on an improvised battlefield.
But not only the military program will be presented to us by the organizers: the festival will revive the history of the ancient Chronicles, medieval music will sound. Guests of the festival will be able to freely walk around the camp participants, where authentic tents boil early medieval life: women cook, sew or weave braid, watching the children, while their husbands bravely fighting on the lists.
Guests of the festival will be able to learn a little more about the life of our ancestors from live communication with the participants of the festival, see and learn how the soldiers lived during the campaigns, than ate, how they spent their free time from feats of arms. And on the basis of what he saw — to form their own ideas about how the camp life of the Vikings, which was part of the life and culture of the military squad.
Just a spectator in the Tract of Paradise, where it will be varezhki camp, give archery or mint ancient coin. Both the adult and the child, and the father of the family, and the homemaker will find something useful for yourself. From morning until late at night everyone will be able to find something to do and entertainment: take part in master classes, take pictures with the participants, buy a souvenir handmade or useful in everyday life thing at the fair, to communicate with the participants of the festival in a friendly atmosphere of the festival of history and learn hidden from outside eyes, but such familiar to the reenactors household tricks of the ancient Slavs and Scandinavians.

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