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International cuisine. European cuisine Cuisine of Andorra. What is escudella?

Andorran cuisine is a mix of cookery traditions of the neighboring countries – Spain and France, also Catalonia, however according to the expert’s opinion, traditional dishes are cooked in Andorra more simply and the domestic way of its preparation is brightly represented in it. Restaurants in Andorra are located as in cities so along the highways, and their quantity is more than 400. The schedule of the most restaurants in Andorra is: 12:00 – 16:00, 18:00 – 24:00.

Andorran cuisine as a part of european cuisine is an example of preservation of the traditional, adapted to high mountains cuisine, which uses high-quality products, granted by this land.

The best restaurants of Andorra are keeping to the principles of the local Pyrenean cuisine as the highest value. At the same time, an offer of more than 400 restaurants, located throughout the country is very broad and includes dishes from all the world, which reflects a cosmopolitan character of Andorran restaurants, which can satisfy every taste. Particularly one ought to mark the restaurants for gourmets: many of them are located not far from expensive hotels. They offer a constantly renewed menu of delicious dishes for every taste made from freshest local products.

Speaking about traditional cuisine of Catalonia and Andorra one ought to mention about wine. Here are few examples: Cim de Cel – a growth of vineyards on the altitude more than 1 thousands meters above sea is contributing to their unique and specific taste; Escol – wine made, according to personal recipe of one of the most famous wine-cellars of Andorra Borda Sabate; Casa Auvinya – “a product of evolution” the so-called black wine, made from Pinot Noir sorts and Syrah varieties(a wine sort, used for preparation of red and rose wines). Casa Auvinya – is also a white wine, made of Pinot Gris, Albarino and Viognier sorts; and finally, Caller Maas Berenguer – a white wine, made of varieties of Chrdonnay sorts. Thies wine is also produced form sorts Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Look for details here

Country dishes

Potato (trumfa) is also considered as a special product – one offers no less than four sorts: naga, noisette, anais and florica. This is a unique, useful and tasty product. It is included in state official’s menu – representatives of a higher society, and also dishes from the best restaurants of Andorra.

Gastronomical traditions of Andorra are observed in the so-called les bordes, which are situated on the frontier territories of Andorra and France. Formerly these houses were used as a store for corn and domestic animals, delivered by France. Today some of them turned into fashionable and comfortable tiny restaurants, which offer not only to taste delicious traditional dishes, but are also surprising by their original decorations. Look for details on Andorran cuisine here:

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