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Backpacks and hiking in Andorra

Walking is the best way to get acquainted with the landscapes of the country. During such journeys, a traveler discovers new and new secrets of nature step by step, without any hurry. Andorra offers several long-distance walking routes: far and wide of this amazing country.

LDP (Long Distance track)—is 120 km of way. The route is divided into 7 parts from 12 to 20 km each; depending on the location of specially equipped night lodgings (totally there are 29 of such places). If the tourists wish, it is possible to make overnight accommodation in the open air. Andorra GRP guide and a special map (Mapa de refugis I camins de gran recorregut d’Andorra) will help to find bearings – this is all you need to get to the furthest corners of the Pyrenees.

2LDP (2 Long Distance track)—this route presupposes multiple crossing of Andorran borders and attending the most picturesque mountainous lakes.

PHR (Pyrenean High Level Route)—the route goes over mountainous zone with altitude difference that vary from 2565m to 2770m above the sea level.

GR-7—the route with significant altitude differences: the lowest point is 850m (La Farga de Moles), the highest—2840m (Pessons Pass). The route encompasses western and southern parts of Andorra.

This route is a part of Europien E-4 (Tarifa-Sparta) route, only 40 km of it goes through the territory of Andorra. Look here for all hiking routes and trails:

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