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Until now, only the ruins of the two towers of Shield and Kostelnaya have survived from the once powerful castle

Until now, only the ruins of the two towers of Shield and Kostelnaya castles have survived from the once powerful castle. Historians have long wondered what could look like a fortification. Not so long ago, Lithuanian experts proposed their own version of what Novogrudok Castle could be.
But the Belarusian animator Oleg Minich reconstructed the towers and defenses in 3D. What came out of this can be seen in a short video. - It took a lot of time to create a model. Given that it had to be redone. And work on the castle is my personal time and a kind of hobby. I like working on historical reconstructions, and our history is also very pleasant. When he began to collect material on the Novogrudok Castle, he could not even imagine how great it was in fact and impressive castles of Spain.
The animator began working on the model at the end of last year. Originally wanted to do "just to be beautiful." The images he posted on social networks attracted the attention of Belarusian historians. They pointed out some errors of the historical image of the castle. The 3D model had to be redone, taking into account comments and suggestions. - I published the first pictures of the castle in February. Then I could not even assume that the experts would begin to discuss the historical authenticity of my work, because in the beginning I did not even set myself such a goal.

The historian Nikolai Volkov joined the discussion of my work, began to give consultations. I had to redo it, - Oleg smiles.
According to the animator, the work on the model from the point of view of historical accuracy has not yet been fully completed. But even now one can imagine how the castle was during its heyday.

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