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Ski & Snowboard gear. Prices in Andorra. What to look for when buying skis?

What to look for when buying skis:

When choosing alpine skis, attention should be paid to the following things: the length, width and width of the waist (the narrowest point in the middle) of the skis, the material from which the skis are made and their weight, rigidity, strength, and also the so-called “arc radius” (Sidecut and Turn Radius).

The width of mountain skis is measured in millimeters. The width of the “waist” is one of the key characteristics. Skis with “waist” from 73 to 90 mm are ideal for skiing on the pistes. The narrower the “waist”, the more maneuverable the skis, meaning the faster they move from turn to turn. Accordingly, the wider the “waist”, the better they are to ride on deep snow. Such skis are ideal for freeriding.

The rigidity of skis depends on the number of layers of metal and their width: the more layers of metal and the wider the ski, the more rigid it is.

The “radius of the arc” of mountain skis is measured in meters. This affects how sharp the turns will be. The smaller the cutout radius (11-13 m), the easier it will be to perform frequent and rapid turns. The larger the radius the smoother the turns.

And, finally, the lighter the ski, the easier it is to manage.

Lightweight skis are good for beginners.

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