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In Herceg Novi, the Forte Mare fortress (Forte Mare) is open again for tourists

In Herceg Novi, the Forte Mare fortress (Forte Mare) is open again for tourists. The Forte Mare fortress or “Sea Fortress” is available to visitors daily from 7 to 19 hours. Ticket price - 2 euros. From the fort there are picturesque views of the Bay of Kotor, the marina and Herceg Novi (the oldest document in the archive dates back to 1685). In the fortress you can see the remains of fortifications from the time of the Bosnian rule (XIV - XV centuries). At the foot of Forte Mare is the source, the seizure of which in 1687 allowed the Holy League (Holy Roman Empire, the Republic of Venice, the Commonwealth and the Russian kingdom) to seize the city.

Shakespeare is alive! Although he died exactly 400 years ago. Around the world, commemorative events are held under the motto "Shakespeare is alive!" Their greatest density, of course, in England and some other cities, perpetuated in the pages of Shakespearean texts, in Verona, for example, HD photos of the castles.
And also in the Danish city of Helsingør, aka Elsinore. Here, of course, Hamlet was played this week. Moreover, it has been happening here for two hundred years. On Thursday, actors from the London Globe Theater, the famous Shakespeare Theater, took to the stage of Kronborg Castle, called the Hamlet’s Castle.

Queen of Denmark Margrethe II was among the spectators. Especially for the round date, the municipality of Helsingor organized a literary contest for fans of Shakespeare. And here is the winner, Melanie Rio from the United States got together with her friend as a prize the opportunity to spend the night in the tower, where no one slept either a hundred or two hundred years.
"I'm so glad! One afternoon I sat down and wrote about how I love Shakespeare, because he is my whole life and, probably, it will always be so. And here I am! This is one of the most amazing events in my life! ”Exclaims Melanie Rio.
And today the London theater "Globus" completed the project "Globe to Globe", that is, "Globus on the Globe." Two years ago, also in April, when the four hundred and fiftieth birthday of Shakespeare was celebrated, a dozen theater actors went on a large-scale tour around the world. In a hundred countries, they gave the only performance - "Hamlet". The aim of the project was to demonstrate the clarity and closeness of Shakespeare to any person on Earth. Today, having covered one hundred twenty thousand kilometers in two years, the artists return to the walls of their native theater.

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