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Mediterranean resorts of France: Collioure – a place of inspiration for Picasso, Matisse, Dali

Mediterranean resorts of France: Collioure (fr. Collioure)
Collioure is an old fishing town in France, which has long been famous for its anchovies. It is an ideal holiday destination for tourists who are tired of the mad rhythm of excursions and a large crowd of people. The population is only about 3,000 inhabitants. The resort is located on the Mediterranean coast Vermilion (Vermilion). The cities of France, Collioure and Perpignan, are called the pearls of the French Purple (or Scarlet) coast. They are rightly recognized as the most picturesque towns of the south of France.
Collioure attracts visitors with its clean beaches, quiet coves, sunny weather and the green hills of the Pyrenees. A walk along the embankment contains beautiful views or through the picturesque narrow paved streets will allow you to fully experience the medieval atmosphere of the city. Collioure is also called the city of artists. Many artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Dali, Derain found inspiration for their work here.
Architecture, Collioure sights, what to see?
The embankment of the city is a great place to walk with small cozy restaurants and cafes alongside, souvenir shops and beautiful views. It is a favorite meeting place for the local youths.
Notre-Dame des Anges is the calling card of the city, thanks to the works of Matisse. This church became famous throughout the world. It has been preserved in excellent condition to the present day. This building, which was built in 1691, is one of the symbols of Collioure. The church is located in the sea harbor of Collioure. Initially (the end of the XVII century) it worked as a lighthouse, but later on the order of Marshal of France Vauban, this function was abolished.
The Royal Castle of the Templars is a powerful naval complex with a whole system of underground communications, which are still used by the French military today (it’s still used or not?). Now there is also a museum. Erected in the VII century, the citadel served as the city’s defense mechanism and its suburbs for many centuries, so it was constantly improved and strengthened, until the XVII century.
The “colored streets” is an area with narrow, labyrinth-like lanes and ancient stairs. The atmosphere here is always joyful and warm. Balconies are decorated with a huge number of multi-colored flowerpots, and the facades are covered with grapes and ivy.

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