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Food cost: Andorra. Food prices

Food cost: Andorra. Food prices

Water, milk, meat, poultry, fish, cereals, cheese, bread, vegetables, fruits

Cheapest and discount prices fixed in different supermarkets of Andorra by date


Water and Beverages

Still water Pyrenea (5l): from 0.83 euros. When buying 2 bottles, the price is 0.46 euros per bottle

Still water Viladrau (5l): from 1.50 euros

Still water Bezoya (1,5 l): from 0.58 euros. When buying 2 bottles, the price is 0.29 euros per bottle

Coca-Cola (2 l): from 2.29 euros for 2 bottles

Fanta (0.33 l): from 2.70 euros per 1 pack (9 bottles)

Orange juice Zumosol (1l): discounts are fixed for the purchase of 2 packages (50%) – from 0.79 euros per 1 liter.

Orange juice Granini (1 l): from 1.69 euros per bottle, from 0.84 euros for 2 bottles


Bread from dark flour, cut, 410 g: from 2 euros

Baguette, 330 g: from 0.85 euros

Baguette from different kinds of flour, 250 g: from 1.25 euros

Milk, dairy, eggs

Sterilized milk Asturiana or President: from 0.59 euros per 1 liter

Yogurt skimmed original without additives (Danone Oikos): a pack of 4 yogurts (115 grams) from 1.09 euros per pack

Yogurt fat-free with cereals (Danone Activia): from 1.92 euros per package of 4 yogurts

Eggs Liderou: from 1.29 euros per package (6 eggs)

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