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The historic fortress Kyminlinna, located in Kotka, in 2020 plans to open to tourists

The historic fortress Kyminlinna, located in Kotka, in 2017 plans to open to tourists. But first it is necessary to seriously improve its condition, in particular, to ensure safe and free movement on the territory.
The working group, which included representatives of the city of Kotka, the Union of the region of Kumenlaakso, the Museum Department of Finland, and other organizations, drew up a plan for the development and use of the fortress. Responsibility for the management of the territory is planned to be assigned to the Forestry Department of Finland, which will receive a state subsidy for the necessary work. It is planned that the initial investment will amount to 2 million euros, and annual costs — about 400 000 euros.
Fortress Kyminlinna has Russian roots. In 1790, under the leadership of General Alexander Suvorov, a small guard Fort was built. Then, at the beginning of the XIX century, on the site of the Fort was built a more powerful fortress, six times larger than the previous size. Kyminlinna remained Russian garrison fortress until Finland gained independence in 1917. The fortress was run by the military until 2005, when the military garrison left it and moved to the city of Hamina.

Currently, the territory of the fortress is empty and most of the time closed to the public. You can visit the fortress walls only a few times a year during organized excursions. Inside the fortress there are two dozen buildings, including guard buildings, barracks, kitchen. Most of them are in need of repair, and some are subject to demolition. Since the 1980s, restoration works have been carried out in the fortress under the supervision of the Finnish Museum Department. In the 2000s, part of the walls and ramparts were restored.

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