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Europe relocation guide


1/ Direct taxes 10% – minimum in Europe. VAT remains at the level of 4.5%

2/ In accordance to International living index, Andorra takes the 12th position in the world for its living standards

3/ The GDP per capita index is higher than in the USA, Japan, Germany, France and Spain. It takes the 5thposition in the world, outscored only by Monaco, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg and San-Marino

4/ The banks of Andorra are included in the top-20 of the most reliable banks in the world. The clients have an opportunity to open digital accounts. VIP banking is presented for the sums, starting from 3 mln euro

5/ The tax burden in reference to business is the lowest in the world. Corporate income tax is 10%, there is an opportunity to diminish it up to 2%. In accordance to International living index, Andorra is in the list of top-25 countries for the terms of business development in the world;

6/ Strong National health insurance (CASS). Reimbursement : 90% surgical procedure; 75% medical expenses; 100% in case of work-related injuries.

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