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In 1648, during the thirty Years ' war, Swedish troops besieged Prague and its fortresses

In 1648, during the thirty Years ' war, Swedish troops besieged Prague. Evil Scandinavians have already occupied the Prague castle and the area of Mala Strana, but to move to the other side, in the Old town they failed. Unfortunately, in the palaces on the besieged left Bank kept a lot of jewelry and masterpieces of art. Most of these stolen items still adorn the collections of Swedish museums. On 3 and 4 July the Swedes will try to repeat this dubious feat during the reconstruction of the Swedish siege of Prague at the castle křivoklát. Czech defenders promise to fight furiously to the last. Tourists will see a real spectacle!

Cultural and musical event taking place in the fortresses — romantic sights of Moravia.
The Moravian alternative to the festival "Czech castles" guarantees a similar entertainment, but only with the aroma of wine. In Moravia, as in the traditional wine region of the Czech Republic, you can combine a visit to cultural and recreational activities with wine tasting. Here you can buy tickets to concerts, which are also entrance tickets to the fortress. The festival includes accommodation in tent towns, laid out right under the fortress.

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