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The daily rent of Buckingham Castle was estimated at 1.3 million euros.

The daily rent of Buckingham Castle was estimated at 1.3 million euros. In a hypothetical situation in which the royal family would decide to put the Queen’s residence in London for rent, an overnight stay in Buckingham Palace would cost 1,318,660 euros.
Specialists have found that if the royal family decides to rent it, then it can receive £ 1.04 million (over 1.3 million euros) per day.
This figure assumes that all the bedrooms in the palace will be occupied, and each guest will be ready to donate ten thousand pounds sterling (12.7 thousand euros) for the right to spend the night in such apartments. The cost, experts say, is strongly influenced by former and current residents of the castle rent.
In addition, Buckingham Palace is perfect for organizing large-scale parties and dinner parties. Another place where you can throw a feast is the official residence of the Prime Minister on Downing Street - the house accommodates up to 60 guests. Its rent is estimated at 62 thousand pounds sterling (78.4 thousand euros) per night.
The Windsor castle with 225 bedrooms will cost each guest five thousand pounds sterling (6.3 thousand euros) or more than 2.25 million pounds sterling (2.85 million euros) in total.

To spend the night in the former home of the Beckham couple will cost eight thousand pounds sterling (over 10 thousand euros). The house has seven bedrooms, a recording studio and a gym. The cheapest is renting a house where Shakespeare was born - only £ 500 per night (630 euros). 400 years ago Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwill the Orphan passed away. He did not know that he had built two objects for Belarus that would make her famous in the UNESCO World Heritage List - the castle in Nesvizh and the palace in the Mir Castle.
The orphan ordered to build the first church in Eastern Europe in the Baroque style - God's Body in Nesvizh. There lie the remains of the prince - in the family crypt, which he himself founded in the temple. Metropolitan of Minsk-Mogilev Archbishop Tadeusz Kondrusiewicz personally celebrated a mass in memory of the magnate. Priesthood from the temples of the World, Chernivtsy, Novyi Sverzhen, were present at the service - they were also founded by the Orphan.
The great wealth left us this prince. And the riddle: no one has yet revealed the secret of the nickname Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwill. After all, he was by no means an orphan. Mikolaj and Matey Radzivill brought their family tree for Nesvizh and Mirsky castles. Born in the family of Lithuanian aristocrat Mykolaj Radziwill of Chorny and noble Pole Elzbety Shidlovetskaya in the estate Chmelevo near Krakow. But it was the Belarusian Nesvizh when the Orphan became the main residence of the Radzivils among many possessions in different lands.

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