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The orphan grew up in a Protestant family - this religion in the middle of the 16th century was maintained by Black and almost all magnates and commoners of Lithuania and Belarus joined him. Orphan's father founded the first printing presses on the territory of our country - in Brest and Nesvizh. The son changed the religion of the parent, returned to Catholicism. He became the second of the inhabitants of Belarus, who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land - after Euphrosyne of Polotsk. To the 400th anniversary of the death of Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwill in Nesvizhsky castle celebrations of the international level took place. They were organized by the National Historical and Cultural Museum-Reserve "Nesvizh" and the castle complex "Mir".
Matei and Mikolaj Radziwill arrived from Warsaw and a person who knows about Orphan more than anyone else - researcher Tomasz Kemp from Bydgoszcz. Olga Popko, director of the Mir castle complex, presented the Belarusian translation of Professor Kempa’s book on the Orphan: “His work for me and my colleagues is a reference book. Now everyone can read it. In contrast to the Polish edition of 2000, at our request, Tomasz Kempa supplemented the research with the latest findings, and Belarusian scientists Alexey Shalanda and Anastasia Skepian made their clarifications.

For the first time, the letters of the Orphan, published in the Pinsk Museum of Belarusian Polesie History by the head of the department of scientific and educational work of the National Art Museum Nadezhda Usova, are published. Despite the fact that Orphan, like his father Cherny, became the distributors of Polish culture in our lands, nevertheless in Poland, Professor Kemp regrets, these figures know little - the memory of them is stronger in Belarus. Matei Radziwill, as always, arrived in Nesvizh Castle not empty-handed and donated the family tree of his family, specifying: "Only Stanislav, born a week ago, is not listed in the pedigree." However, clarifications in the history of this family, apparently, will be made constantly for a castle price..
Prince Matei gave a copy of the portrait of Michal Kazimierz Radzivill to the Nesvizh Nature Reserve, the original of which was accidentally discovered in Liverpool, as well as one of the editions of the map of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania created in the XVII century by order of the Orphan: her possessions of her ancestors: I received her from an old lady in Kletsk several years ago, then I restored and understood her place in Nesvizh. Sergei Kvachan, Director of the Presidential Library, came with a gift. He handed over to the director of the Nesvizh Reserve, Sergei Klimov, 6 CDs with digitized books from the Radziwill Library, which were exported to Minsk in 1939: - It is symbolic that in our day the valuables are not exported from Nesvizh, but returned.

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