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White City. The foundation of the walls and the castle was opened throughout the city center

White City. The foundation of the walls and the castle was opened throughout the city center. As part of the “My Street” program, deep ditches are again being dug in historical areas, where wires will hide by the autumn. A part of the Boulevard Ring, where before the 18th century the walls of the White City were located, got into the improvement program. For the first time in many centuries, its remnants appeared before Muscovites: here and there the old masonry stands in the way of construction equipment.
- There were no planned excavations of the walls of the White City. Several times they stumbled upon them during the laying of communications: in the 1920s and in 2005, - explained the coordinator of the movement “Arhnadzor” Konstantin Mikhailov, who was one of the first to recognize the remains of the fortress in a pile of stones on the construction site. - It is difficult to say exactly where the wall passed, since the maps during the time of the fortress existence were not very accurate. For example, when in 2005, work was carried out in Khokhlovsky Lane, they began to dig where the wall should not have been, but eventually stumbled upon it. Now archaeologists inspect the construction work, but do not establish ongoing monitoring, and much remains on the conscience of the workers.

- Yes, we do not find anything. Only the bones of the history of the castles, one of the workers said, hooked someone’s rib from under Pushkin Square with a shovel and handed it to the reporter.
In this area, the builders did not pay attention to the bones, but their colleagues on the other side of Passion Boulevard turned out to be more conscious and carefully deposited the remains.
“The Passion monastery used to stand here, and the bones may be remains from the monastery cemetery,” said Konstantin Mikhailov. - Be sure to give a signal about this in Moscow inheritance. What was the wall of the White City?• Creation. The wall was built during the reign of Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich in 1585–91. Architects chose the creator of the Smolensk fortress Fedor Kony.•View. A brick wall, bleached with lime, was decorated on top with battlements, like the Kremlin's.•The end. After the Northern War, Muscovites began to disassemble the wall on stones, and under Catherine II they finally demolished it.

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