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How to buy a castle in Europe?

An unexpected continuation of the topic of restitution was the presentation in the Golden, the former Knight's hall of semi-armor - the same age as the Orphan. Sergey Yegoreychenko, deputy director of the Nesvizh nature reserve, uncovered incredible details of the history of this subject: - In 1926 - 1928, the Radziwills sold more than 230 items from their collection at western auctions. They were acquired by the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, the London British Museum, the Paris Army Museum, and some of them fell into Chicago. Through Christie’s auction, half armor was bought for the John Higgins collection in Massachusetts, which is now being partially sold off. So we acquired, and in fact, returned a rarity from the US to Nesvizh. All rules to buy a castle are available here:
The weapon history researcher Yuri Bokhan helped to attribute the find and date it to the 16th century. Professor Olga Bazhenova estimated that the Radziwill family already has 17 generations and each of them had bright personalities: “Research on their life and work makes it possible for modern Belarusian science to grow”. Sergei Klimov, taking this opportunity, presented a collection of scientific articles about Black - the Father of the Orphan.

And Mr. Matei added: “The Radziwills were always concerned about the preservation of cultural traditions. It is nice that there are those in Belarus who keep the things created by my ancestors. ”

The ancient Japanese castle Matsue - the heart of the city of the same name, the capital of Shimane Prefecture - invites tourists to admire the cherry blossoms. According to weather forecasters, white-pink clouds of blossoming buds will cover Matsue in late March - early April. Samurai Castle, surrounded by a beautiful garden and park - a suitable place to contemplate the cherry trees, because Japanese cherry is a symbol of a warrior, a samurai.
Most foreign tourists do not know that Sakura is considered a male flower, a sign of courage and courage. The fact is that the petals of Japanese cherry fall, not starting to dry when they are still fresh and full of life. From here the metaphor about the warrior was born, ready to die in the prime of life. Therefore, the samurai decorated their helmets, weapons or armor with the image of a Sakura flower. By the way, in the castle Matsue works a wonderful museum dedicated to military history, with ancient armor and weapons.

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