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Car roads will be blocked in connection with the Moscow stage of the Olympic torch relay.

On October 7 and 8, restrictions on the movement of vehicles will apply in the capital. Car roads will be blocked in connection with the Moscow stage of the Olympic torch relay.
The traffic will be restored as the stages of the relay pass. The Moscow traffic police appeals to all drivers with a convincing request to be extremely careful, to choose alternative driving routes in advance, to strictly comply with the requirements of road signs, requirements and instructions of the traffic police.
October 7 will not be possible to drive:
from 00:00 - along the Yakimanskaya and Kadashevskaya embankments;from 7:30 - along Kosygin Street (from Vernadsky Avenue to Michurinsky);from 8:00 - on Pushkinskaya, Andreevskaya and Vorobevskaya embankments;from 11:30 - along the Bolshaya Moskvoretsky bridge from Bolotnaya Square;from 11:30 - along the Kremlin, Moskvoretskaya, Krasnokholmskaya, Goncharnaya, Krutitskaya (from Vasilyevsky descent to Novospassky bridge) embankments;from 12:20 - along Shlyuzova, Kosmodamianskaya, Sofiyskaya Embankments, Faleevsky Lane, Bolotnaya Square;from 13:40 - along the Bolshoi Moskvoretseky bridge from Bolotnaya Square and Lubochny passage;from 16:10 - along Vorobevskoye Shosse from the TTK and Mosfilmovskaya Street (from Lomonosovsky Prospekt to Kosygin Street);from 16:40 - along Universitetsky Prospekt, Mendeleev, Lebedev Streets, understudy Lomonosovsky Prospekt, Michurinsky Prospekt (from Universitetsky Prospekt to Kosygin Street);from 19:00 - along Kosygin Street (from Gagarinskaya Square to Vernadsky Avenue).

On October 8, traffic will be limited for China cars in the following areas:
from 7:00 - along the Yakimanskaya embankment;from 8:00 - along Vorobevskaya, Andreevskaya, Pushkinskaya embankments;from 9:00 - along Moskvoretskaya (from Kitaygorodsky passage), Kremlin, Prechistinskaya, Frunzenskaya and Luzhnetskaya embankments;from 12:00 - at the entrance from the TTK of the outer side to Novoluzhnetskiy passage, along Novodevichy, Savvinskaya, Rostovskaya, Smolenskaya, Krasnopresnenskaya embankments (from 1905 street to Smolenskaya embankment).from 14:40 - along Minskaya Street (the odd side from Kutuzovsky Prospekt to Mosfilmovskaya Street);from 15:20 - along Mosfilmovskaya street, Michurinsky prospekt to Kosygina street, along Kosygina street from the observation deck of the Sparrow Hills to Mosfilmovskaya street;from 15:20 - on University Avenue from Michurinsky to the street. Mendeleev;from 15:20 - along the Vorobevskoye highway;from 15:20 - along Berezhkovskaya embankment;from 19:30 - along B. Polyanka street from B. Yakimanka street to the center, MKM, Serafimovich street, BKM, Prechistinskaya embankment, Soymonovsky passage, Volkhonka, Mokhovaya, Znamenka streets.

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