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In Nesvizh Castle there is an amazing place that is visited daily by hundreds of tourists - the chapel.

In Nesvizh Castle there is an amazing place that is visited daily by hundreds of tourists - the chapel.
The chapel is a chapel or a chapel, most often catholic. Such chapels were built in ancient Russia. Modest, without unnecessary decoration, simple in architectural form and interior decoration.
Wealthy people had their own chapels. They prayed in families. Representatives of the noble family of the Radziwills also had their own chapel. This chapel appeared in the castle on June 18, 1758. And although the palace has existed since the end of the 16th century, for a long time there was no chapel inside its walls, the Radziwills visited city temples. Every day, Count Mathias von Breitenbach arrives at the supermarket in the small town of Sonneberg when the price for fresh food falls. He buys five sacks of cabbage and carrots, loads them in a Porsche and carries him to his castle Unterlind. Rabbits cost the graph daily at 120 euros. The count himself is also a vegetarian and doesn’t touch eared ones.
“I took 14 rabbits a year and a half ago from a neighbor,” says von Breitenbach. - I, a vegetarian, became sad at the thought that someone would eat them. Four males and 10 females I put in different pens.

But soon these ten females were already waiting for posterity. It turned out that one male "infiltrated" in the ranks of females. All the rabbits in a month gave birth to eight to ten babies. So I got 100 rabbits. And now I have a thousand of them! Today I see my rabbits at the cafe door, at bus stops, along the road ... What to do? I could not tightly fence my castle, because the herbivores will make a hole and still escape to the neighbors.
- Are there any pets among rabbits and exterior of the castles of France?
- Wotan - the father of the first offspring. When I sowed him from the females, he from the anger of all the males in the pen, bit him to the blood. Actor Til Schweiger wants to build a house for refugees, and you sheltered rabbits.
- Everyone does what is within his competence. My task is to help animals. Rabbits did not make my life calmer, but they made me more responsible.
- I saw our old GAZ among your rare cars.
- I drive firewood in it. He is over 30 years old, and travels in any weather. It does not have electronics, but it works better than any of my machines. No matter, gasoline or diesel - "eats" everything. There is still in my fleet "Ural", which I bought from neighbors.

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