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What steps should be taken for a successful holiday without a group and travel agency?

What steps should be taken for a successful holiday without a group and travel agency?

What steps should be taken for a successful holiday without a group and travel agency?

1. Select a country. It is advisable to start with a European state, where you can always find at least someone who speaks English or try to communicate with the locals.

2. Find out the conditions of entry and stay in the country. Make sure your documents are in order and you have the right to visit. Do not forget to pay all utilities and check for penalties so as not to get an unpleasant surprise at the border.

3. Look for phrase books, try to communicate in the language of the country in which you plan to go. Register on the language forum and find locals, start a correspondence. Tell new acquaintances that you plan a trip, take an interest in sights, customs and local features.

4. Find out the cost of tickets, calculate the route of travel. Find a local car rental, put in the cost of the trip car rental, gas costs and security deposit. If you do not plan to take a car, find out all the ways of moving around the country or city, select the best options.

5. Study the city guides, make a map of movements. Be sure to plan a trip to the theater, opera, cinema, circus - in a word, to such an entertaining place where you will not meet tourists.

Immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

6. Find a home. The most interesting options are small pensions or, if you are very confident in yourself, an apartment for rent. Look for options on specialized review sites. Contact the owners, say all the conditions. Be sure to write down the coordinates on paper so that under any circumstances you have a contact number. To secure, select the hotel option and make sure in advance that the hotel will receive you if necessary. This will help to avoid panic in case of force majeure.

7. Download a map of the country and cities you want to visit. Browse routes, find out which stores are in your area of ​​residence. Try to find these points in social networks through geo-tags, see the photo. This will give you confidence.форумы-калининградаандорра-ла-велья-и-стоит-ли-туда-ехатьсделано-у-нас-нам-есть-чем-гордитьсяпаспорт-ar500-еварудомашний-интернет-группы-компанийпросмотр-профилязамки-которые-не-оставят-вас-равнодушнымисовременная-наукаистория-замков-и-крепостей-мираэволюция-городов-европы-и-мирамузыка-и-ее-влияние-на-человекаавтомобильные-сайтырисунки-зданий-церквей-и-собороврисунки-транспорта-и-военной-техникипиренеи-сегоднякняжество-андорраисторические-факты-о-европелучшие-курорты-испании-льорет-де-мар/543366102923857/льорет-де-мар-расположен-примерно-в-70-км-кфорумы-калининградапрофиль-пользователя-and500сделано-у-нас-нам-есть-чем-гордитьсяпаспорт-andvorobiev500-еварудомашний-интернет-группы-компанийпросмотр-профиля


8. Find out what dishes are popular with locals, what housewives cook in their kitchens. Upon arrival, try preparing local dishes. And, of course, find out in advance where you will eat, what prices are in local cafes and restaurants.

9. Plan your first independent trips to small towns where it is easy to navigate, where local residents are favorably disposed to tourists.

Try it and you will succeed. After the first independent trip, you will no longer want to contact the tour operators.

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