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To make the content really relevant, you should evaluate the attendance of the created material after its publication

And to make the content really relevant, you should evaluate the attendance of the created material after its publication. If something goes wrong, special attendance metrics will tell you about it - the average duration of a visit on a page, the bounce rate, and viewing depth. If the data on these parameters are significantly different (for the worse), then it is worth considering the correction of the created content.
to menu ↑The importance and role of content on the site, blogWe all understand that any site is primarily content. It is he who is much more often seen by users along with advertising and design elements. It is his visitors who first of all evaluate, it is the content that allows the site owner to achieve their goals. I will list the most important roles that content plays for the site and its owner.
to menu ↑Content is a trading platform.For so many resources, this role of content is a top priority. These sites publish on their pages special material that sells some goods or services. Their business is built on this principle, where the content simply provides information about the products. As an example, you can take any online store. On its pages, all materials are divided into categories that contain various products.

And as content there are usually used text, pictures and, in rare cases, video materials. By the way, the narrower the topic of goods, the more diverse is the content to attract customers.
to menu ↑Content is the best ad.Regular advertising in the form of any banners and special information blocks is inferior to content by a number of criteria:
with the help of content it is easier to cover the entire audience of the site by providing it with various types of information display (someone likes text, someone video, etc.) in one article;Advertising annoys people - many visitors have a “blind spot” when they see advertising sites on the site. Thanks to the content, it’s much easier to advertise a product;in advertising, it’s very difficult to express a human opinion. Content also gives the site visitor an understanding in simple words that communicate with the visitor at the same level with him;Good advertising costs a lot of money and time. Content creation can be much cheaper. Moreover, good content can bring free traffic.Of course, in order to turn content into a competent advertising platform, you need to be a master at selling texts. But you can learn this skill - there are enough schools of copywriting in the network. The main thing is to choose a decent one!

Content is a brandRecently, I often meet the owners of serious companies that create their sites not to sell their services, but to gain a reputation on the Internet. This is especially true of such types of activities where the main orders are made by telephone or in an in-person meeting with a company representative. And the reputation in this case on the Internet is created precisely by the content.
When a visitor comes to a commercial site, he sees information about the company itself and its values, as well as a prerequisite for a positive conversation to resolve its issues. In a branded site, the user understands that here they will talk to him humanly, here he will be able to satisfy his needs.

AfterwordI only reflected the most important roles of content. There are many other roles that the informational material of sites and blogs performs. For example, using content it’s easier to promote new services or products, it’s easier to collect a subscription base for information business, etc. I am sure you can give a lot of such examples. In any case, the role of content is very important and understanding this allows any site owner to achieve the set results.
In the next post in the series, we’ll talk about the uniqueness and usefulness of content, as well as the subject of copyright.

Content is an indicator of an expertFor many bloggers, the content of their blogs is the visiting card of an expert. The material they publish is always rated by visitors. Especially users of search engines, which, as I said, are very demanding on the information submitted. It is important its quality, relevance, usefulness of the material. If the content meets these criteria, visitors to the blog associate the owner with a professional in this field.
As a result, the confidence of blog visitors increases by an order of magnitude compared to other related resources. Such owners are often asked for advice, invited to various events, asked for expert evaluation in various competitions. Accordingly, their services are more in demand. As an example, I’ll give five experts on the topics of blogging, information business and SEO, which all Runet knows:

Content is all the information on the Internet.Everything that can be read, viewed and downloaded. For many sites you need a sea of quality information. The main properties of the content are the uniqueness and preservation of copyright. In addition, the content must be properly designed, and have truthful information. All content on the Internet is presented for personal use and has an owner.
Always trying to find only the most useful tips.It is important to understand that content should be optimized according to the rules of search engines (Yandex, Google and others). Site content is the basis for successful promotion. Information should be relevant to people's needs. Content should be relevant to the reader. Beautifully and correctly formatted text helps to get indexed in search engines.
Where does the content come from?
"Content" can be obtained using a scanner and printed matter. You can borrow on other sites. Take an idea, describe it in your own words. It is possible, but extremely undesirable, to use programs (“randomisers”) to reproduce articles. This is all suitable only for one-day sites. Their goal is to make money from advertising. Search engines quickly find and blacklist such sites.
“Content” can be ordered on numerous copyright exchanges. There is also the opportunity to buy a finished article. The cost of the texts is small. The main thing is that it be original, interesting for readers and attract new subscribers.
Quality "Content" is very expensive. Information goes through search engine optimization (SEO). Articles are prepared by experienced copywriters or journalists.
It can be divided into several categories:Copyright. The texts are written by the author based on his experience. Increases website traffic. Such texts are loved by search engines.Rewrite. Most of these texts are on the Internet. The meaning of rewriting is to paraphrase the finished article in your own words. If the texts are taken from different sources, you can get good content. Search engines perceive rewrite as a unique text. People have to look for answers to their questions for a long time. Particular care must be taken to medical-related sites.Copy-paste. This means theft of text without corrections. This infringes copyright. The reputation of the site suffers.Translation of content into another language. Good source of information. For search engines, the original author’s text is obtained. Suitable for many people too.

Mail. Various mailing lists. Used for website promotion and product sales.Audio. Content in this segment is presented in the form of seminars, educational lectures and music.Images. This includes animation, slides, photo materials, diagrams. This type of content is used for a better perception of the material.SubspeciesUnique and not unique text. It is important for any site to have unique content on the pages. This means that the information has not been previously published anywhere. Not unique content is information that was already in the database of search engines. If the site consists of such content, sanctions await him. If the content meets all the rules of search engines, the page is indexed. Information appears in the search engine search results list.By access. Content can be with paid or free access.There are numerous rules and tricks for content. Keyword selection based on user requests. Their density in the text. On the Internet there are many offers from various companies to promote in the TOP. The choice is yours - to believe them or not. Not all sites can simultaneously be in leading positions. as there cannot be several champions at the same time. Someone should be in second, third places.
Following this link, anyone can purchase “Courses on creating a selling site”:

Content Types
Articles. This is universal information for the life of the site. Text information. May contain audio and video materials.Video. Authors work is especially appreciated. Search engines cannot determine the uniqueness of information. For a site, posting such content is beneficial. The longer people spend time on the site, the higher the reputation of the site.Posts on social networks. This content is brief. Usually pictures are added to the information. Posts are written to evoke emotions in people. Most are entertaining.

What is taken into account in evaluating quality content?
Uniqueness. The author of the text must use the verification services before publication. However, the uniqueness of the text is not enough.Nausea. Term from SEO. Shows the percentage of keywords in the article. If the text is spammed with keys, you can run into the sanctions of search engines. On quality sites, content is written for people.Decor. Information merges with the background of the site. Bad for visitors and search engines. The text is filed in a block without breakdown into headings, sections and paragraphs. There are no pictures and videos on the page. Not emphasized in the material.Literacy. Errors, abbreviations, the use of slang degrade the quality of content. Users do not want to read texts that are difficult to read. Site editors correct content flaws.To make the content really relevant, you should evaluate the attendance of the created material after its publication

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