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History (Ancient and Post-classical)

History (Ancient and Post-classical)
● 219 BC: Hannibal crosses the Pyrenees on his way to Rome. He was finally defeated.● 133 BC: The Romans arrive in the Iberian peninsula during the Second Punic War. Little by little they extend their influence with military campaigns and the construction of new Roman cities. However, this invasion mainly affected the Mediterranean coast and valleys, in the Pyrenees the introduction of Latin culture was slower and less obvious. Finally Iberia was romanized, and started to be called Hispania. The Roman provinces that encompass the Pyrenees on both sides are to the east Autrigonia and to the west of Tarraconensis. For a long time, the Basques are free from the Roman domination, if not from their influence.!topic/all-andorra/40MACpJSZ18



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