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Expert: we will simulate the Royal castle from the photos

Expert: we will simulate the Royal castle from the photos. St. Petersburg experts are ready to simulate the Royal castle of Koenigsberg from photographs. This is necessary for accurate measurements of the object to design its reconstruction. May 19 restorers from the city on the Neva arrived in Kaliningrad and told about their methods of restoration of the main citadel of the capital of the Kaliningrad region.
"There are several ways - said St. Petersburg architect, restorer, designer, honored artist of Russia, laureate of the State prize of Russia Grigory Mikhailov. — When we started to work on the Menshikov Palace, in the 1970s, when there were no computers, this was done with pen and pencil, in the form of perspective. The public was interested in this Palace as well as the castle in Kaliningrad."
Formally, the restoration of the first stone building of St. Petersburg was completed in 1981. In fact, these works are still ongoing. Mikhailov did not predict the speed of reconstruction of the Western wing of the Koenigsberg castle in Kaliningrad.
"All the destroyed or lost monuments that have to be restored, once had their functions - continued Mikhailov. — Let's say there was one family, many servants, and many rooms in the Palace.

Today it becomes a public building. It must comply with fire regulations, provide conditions for the movement of persons with disabilities. Especially if it is not one-story. This problem always occurs. It will arise in the Royal castle in Kaliningrad."
The first stage of preparation for the reconstruction of the citadel should be its measurements. How to measure what is not? St. Petersburg specialists have a solution — photogrammetry. First she tested on work created ironically in East Prussia.
"The first experience of photogrammetry applied in the recreation of the Amber room in Pushkin, the Catherine Palace, — said the Director of the scientific-production restoration company"Arkanon", architect-restorer of the highest category Catherine LTL. — Work was conducted on photos. The method made it possible to determine such parameters as the thickness of the frames of the panels, how much these or other parts were and much more."
One of the problems that the restorers of the Tsarskoye Selo amber workshop had to solve was determining the height of the relief of amber carving from photographs. This was reported on the website of the State Museum-reserve "Tsarskoye Selo". One shot produces a flat image. Several photos, through a special computer program, allow you to get a three-dimensional model of the building or interior.
Measurements of architecture by photo, according to photogrammetrists, give advantages. In particular, it allows to find out the dimensions of the lost buildings. Such, for example, as the citadel of Koenigsberg.
"When we work on the images, we do not need the object itself, — explained the General Director of the research and production enterprise "Photogrammetry" Alexander voynarovsky. — This often opens up the only way to reconstruct architectural objects or their elements of the French castles."
Archival images for measurement of the dimensions of the Prussian fortresses should be initially made by the photographer, told wojnarowski. The photogrammetrist's camera gives almost no distortion. Most household appliances do not meet these requirements. Even with the archival image, but without information about what and when it is done is a task with many unknowns. However, high-quality images of the Royal castle of Koenigsberg is enough to create a detailed photogrammetric model, according to St. Petersburg experts.

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