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Caldea SPA bath

Caldea bath spa

Water is one of natural resources of Andorra. Besides lakes and rivers, that head from here, there are sulfur rich thermal springs in Escaldes-Engordany. It is recommended to use these springs for therapeutic and cosmetology purposes in order to reestablish life forces, to release stress as well as for treatment and prophylaxis of rheumatism and skin diseases. There are many recreation centers in Andorra, they allow to take maximum advantage from your holiday any time of the year. After skiing and shopping there can’t be anything more relaxing than to spend several hours at Caldea, the biggest thermal center of Southern Europe.

Being a monument of contemporary architecture, the complex was built in 1994 in accordance to the project of French architect Jean-Michelle Ruolle. Annually, the complex is attended by 360 000 persons. With the surface of 30 000 m2 at the height of 1100 meters Caldea presents a real oasis of Andorra; a thermal resort, where the interconnection of ancient civilizations with water is evidently visible. Caldea is the biggest center of mountain thermal waters in Europe. The temperature of thermal springs is 70%, waters are rich with sulfur, mineral salts, sodium as well with thermal plankton (its exclusive biological activity and favorable effect on human skin cells and their moisturizing determines a wide usage in cosmetology).

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