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The Lanesborough castle. Historical accuracy in the restoration of London chic

The Lanesborough castle. Historical accuracy in the restoration of London chic. The mansion in question was built in 1719 by order of James Lane, the second and, alas, the last Viscount of Leinsboro, in Knightsbridge, which is now in central London, and was then considered an elegant metropolitan suburb. After the death of the Viscount in 1724, the fate of the building was uncertain until in 1733 a group of physicians rented it in order to accommodate St. George’s Hospital. The hospital successfully existed until 1825, when it became clear that the mansion needed reconstruction. It was carried out by one of the most prominent British architects of the classicism era, the creator of the National Gallery, William Wilkins. He gave the building a solemn neoclassical character corresponding to the then fashion. In 1856, the mansion was rebuilt once again - they completed the floor and expanded the area. This was done at the request of the great English sister of mercy, the heroine of the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale. The hospital lasted in a mansion of the XVIII century until 1980, when it finally outgrew its area and moved to Tuting. The fate of the Lanesboro mansion was uncertain: it was in a deplorable state, there was even a question about a possible demolition.

Fortunately, in 1987, Fitzroy Robinson Partnership began to reconstruct the building in order to turn it into a hotel. The architect and historian Sir Anthony Bly helped to keep historical accuracy in the process of restructuring. The work was colossal, and the result was pleasing: retaining its legendary classic facade favored by Londoners, the mansion inside acquired all the features of a comfortable hotel (with innovations so incredible for those times like a fax in every room). The bar-library at The Lanesborough is decorated as a traditional English club, and in the beverage collection there is a cognac of two hundred years of aging.
If the decoration of a wooden house is made with professional care, then whether it is an elegant wooden staircase, fragrant eco-friendly floor, walls lined with flawless panels, everything will delight its service and beauty for a long time of the European most amazing castles.
In 2014, The Lanesborough Hotel became part of the Oetker Collection, and they started a new renovation. A year later, she brilliantly ended. The hotel, numbering 93 rooms (43 of them suites, including the seven-room Royal), looks from the outside as classically strictly as in the year of construction. And inside - as a genuine aristocratic mansion with a long history. In the interiors of old houses there is no stylistic unity; they did not pursue him in The Lanesborough either. All public areas (library, cigar, restaurants and salons) and rooms look living rooms that are classically decorated, but with the diversity and intermixing of epochs that arise in a real house over time, and the hotel has been carefully recreated by the team of great decorator Alberto Pinto Two thousand hours of hand-painted walls and ceilings, three million stitches on curtains and pillows, twenty-three personal butlers - all this, of course, makes an impression. But not as strong as the opportunity to get up in the morning, sit down for breakfast by the window overlooking Buckingham Palace and feel like a guest in a real English aristocrat's house.

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