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Offshore company formation. Business in Andorra: 2% profit tax. Right to work

The registry of companies and offshores in Andorra. To buy a company in Andorra with the opportunity to minimize taxation up to the level of 2% profit tax. “Active” residence with labor permit (Compte propi)

Starting from 2012 non-residents are allowed to launch private Andorran companies with the rights equal to the ones of the citizens of the Principality, though the application for such company should be first of all approved by the Department for Foreign Investments. A launched company should comply with certain requirements. Thus, due to the existing governmental policy of ecological balance preservation, the applications for industrial projects are declined in the majority of cases. The total amount of activity domains, welcomed by the Government of Andorra, makes up about 200: trade, tourism, high-tech, education, construction etc.

In accordance to new rules, any person that possesses 10% or more of a company has the right to claim for “active” or Category B residency.

Currently it is possible to register the following institutional types of private companies:

  1. Societat Limitada (S.L)

It is the analogue of limited liability company. This institutional form will be proper for small business.

It is actively used in local trade and service industry. 3000 euro of charter capital is required for the registration of S.L. The Governmental fee for registration of S.L. is 1016 euro. Company name registration separated fee: 5.39 euro.

Notary services for registration cost about 700 euro.

To register NRT (registration number of a company) costs additional 50 euro.

Commercial activity tax for S.L. company makes up about 400 euro per year.

Look for details how to register an offshore company:

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