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Where to buy cheap clothes? Cheap fashion in Andorra

Of course, the best place to buy clothes is a place with a lot of choice and low prices. Better still, where you can not only buy it but also combine the shopping with doing some sport too.

An ideal place for shopping and recreation – both in winter and in summer, is Andorra. The main advantage of this country in comparison with other European countries is the low taxation rate. The Principality has one of the lowest VAT rates in Europe (4.5%) and the absence of import taxes makes shopping in this country the most profitable within the borders of Western European countries.

Therefore, every year almost 5 million Spaniards and French go to Andorra to buy cheap clothes, including the clothes made in Spain and France. Cheap clothes produced in France and Spain are cheaper in Andorra, encouraging people from many European countries to go shopping in Andorra.

This applies, by the way, not only to clothes but also to ski equipment, electronics, alcohol, tobacco, and some food products, which in Andorra are also cheaper than in neighboring Spain or France by 15-20%. In the various shops of Andorra la Vella during the period of seasonal discounts, the difference in prices for luxury goods is even more.

Because of the small territory, Andorra can not compete with the shopping malls, in which up to a thousand brands are represented in one place at once, it is possible only in America or China. At the same time, Andorra la Vella has the maximum concentration of boutiques, shops, and shopping centers per square meter. For example, on Carlemany and Meritxell avenue, you are within walking distance of boutiques stores, luxury goods, and sports shops as well as supermarkets selling food and alcohol.

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