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Where is longest toboggan?

The longest alpine toboggan in Europe

Naturlandia is located in Sant Julia de Loria, its occupies over 100 hectares of area and is divided into two sectors, which are located at an altitude of 1,600 and 2,000 meters respectively. Themed eco park offers 15 km of way marked slopes. Besides, there are zones for family leisure and activities. The choice of activities is extremely wide: highlands tours, several cycling routes, quad biking, pony riding, mushing. A new attraction AIR-TREKK was launched a few years ago. Unifying the emotions and adventure, the construction consists of ten towers and 3 different levels of height, linked rope elements and wire lines. Air-Trekk is the largest and highest attraction in Europe.

The park also has the longest alpine toboggan in Europe (Tobotronc). Its length is more than 5,300 meters with 400 meters of altitude differences. The system has 1,700 ascents and 3,600 descents. The whole descent takes about 30 minutes.

The Animal Park (Annimalier Parc) was created in the Naturlandia to diversify the touristic offer, where visitors may enjoy watching bears, wolves and birds of prey.

The abovementioned activities are included in the total cost of the visit to “Naturlandia” park:

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