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Cheap accommodation: Andorra technology without mediator

Accommodation Andorra without intermediaries

How can you book the best hotel for cheaper acomodation

and not be overcharged by travel agencies and online booking systems?

The majority of Andorra’s hotels (about 60%) are connected to the electronic reservation system or However, these systems work with hotels on the principle that they receive a 5 to 15% commission. Meaning, by booking a hotel in Andorra through these systems, you’re paying 5 – 15% more for a room.

In addition, all hotels in the world when working with tour operators (and tour operators use electronic reservation systems) sell 5-10% more rooms than the hotel actually has in reality. This is a typical worldwide practice that has developed historically for the convenience of the client who books fast, with the drawback that overpayments are made. The main reason why hotels continue to do this is because there is a 60-70% customer refusal rate. The actual price at which the hotel wants to sell the room is significantly lower.

Look here how to save money for Andorra accommodation:

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