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The originals of the Czech coronation castle regalia, namely the St. Wenceslas crown, could be seen only two weeks in may 2020

The originals of the Czech coronation castle regalia, namely the St. Wenceslas crown, could be seen only two weeks in may. Nevertheless, the exhibition dedicated to the history of regalia continues in Prague castle until September 28. Unlike other peoples, the Czechs for centuries are extremely sensitive and even jealous of their regalia. Therefore, they are almost always closed in inaccessible storage. On the other hand, that is why they may have been preserved in their original form. All this is told by the exhibition dedicated to the history of the crown and scepter. Visitors will also learn about the coronation ceremony of Czech kings. The Museum-reserve "Vyborg castle" after the reconstruction of the torture chamber and the employment of the executioner, and will have its own plot in the cemetery. Public organization "Memorial Park Tore" offered the castle to take patronage of part of the cemetery.
The problem of the old multi-confessional cemetery, located in the village of Gvardeysky near The friendship bridge in Vyborg, was addressed by the public in the early 2000s. During this time, the Russian-Finnish project "Memorial Park was Successfully implemented — our common cultural heritage" and a public movement for the preservation of the cemetery of the most amazing Franch castles was created under the chairmanship of Alla Matvienko.
Works on improvement in the cemetery are youth public organizations of Vyborg. The city administration also provides support. On a triangular square on the left of the road on the outskirts of the city a patron of the library Aalto. Patronage over the grave of Vice-Admiral Rudakov — a member of many military campaigns, including the Crimean campaign (1853-1856 biennium), took over the Cossack village "Vyborg".

There are examples of individual interest: the famous city historian, local historian, owner of the gallery "Vyborg" Eugene Filippov watching the grave of his full namesake, on the tombstone which says "Killed in a duel." Alla Matvienko stressed in the conversation that such personal initiatives are important and that each elector can organize mentoring over a part of the memorial or over a separate burial.
— I want to emphasize that the Orthodox garrison cemetery is also a significant part of the history of our city. If the Finns carefully monitor their monuments, the Russian part of the memorial cemetery still requires improvement. And such help from any citizen — is very important, — Alla Matvienko emphasizes.

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