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The main tourist attraction of Mukachevo, Palanok Castle, can be seen after a few kilometers in Mukachevo

The main tourist attraction of Mukachevo, Palanok Castle, can be seen after a few kilometers in Mukachevo. It is based on a 68-meter extinct volcano. The city is somewhere below, and the outpost is open to all eyes and winds, and only behind, in the north, rise the volcanic Carpathians.
Studio Falcon, unveiled a spectacular movie with beautiful castles and fortresses of Ukraine. “Nine of the most famous castles and fortresses of Ukraine, nine real pearls of the Ukrainian history of different periods - this is only a part of what we wanted to remove from a bird's-eye view. In 2015, we traveled thousands of kilometers to look at this beauty from a different angle and show it to anyone interested in the past of Ukraine, ”the video description says.
Mukachevo castle Palanok got into the movie. The luxurious Castle of La Croix des Gardes overlooking the Cannes Bay is put up for sale by the French company Perrier (French Perrier), which has owned it for 56 years. You can buy the largest property in Cannes for $ 53.5 million. The building was built in 1919.
In 1955, the castle was used by the famous American director Alfred Hitchcock as the main film set for the film “To Catch a Thief” (To Catch a Thief), where the main roles were played by Cary Grant and Grace Kelly, who next year married the Prince of Monaco Renier Iii.

They say that she adored the Castle of la Croix des Garde, and especially she liked his majesty and interior decoration of the French castles.
The painting "Catch a Thief" was the last joint project of Grace and Hitchcock. Although the actress she achieved great success, at the age of 26 she ceased to act in films, since after the wedding she had many official duties that took a lot of time. In 1982, Grace Kelly died tragically in a car accident. She was only 52 years old.
The Countess's favorite castle is located on a 24 acre green area. Well-groomed lawns in front of the building add to its grandeur. Inside there are 13 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms and a lot of free space to hold lush parties, inviting a large number of guests.

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