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I need to know: Andorra

Andorra: I need to know

1. Andorra is one the safest countries in the world for living and tourism.

2. Andorra’s ski resorts have the maximum percentage of ski lift systems per square meter in the world, with a capacity of about 160 thousand people per hour. According to the World Ski Awards, Andorran ski resorts are in the top 15 best ski resorts in the world

3. Water is one of Andorra’s natural resources. Besides lakes and rivers, there are sulfur rich thermal springs in Escaldes-Engordany. With a surface of 30,000 m2 at the height of 1,100 m CALDEA INUU SPA centre presents a real oasis in Andorra; a thermal resort, where the interconnection of ancient civilizations with water is evidently visible. Caldea is the biggest center of mountain thermal waters in Europe. The temperature of thermal springs is 70C, and waters are rich with sulfur, mineral salts, sodium as well with thermal plankton.

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